Premium Cartridge, Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple by HoneyVape is highly effective Indica and can help keep you going. Characteristic anticipated effects are that it helps step down your energy and get a good night’s sleep. For heavy indica users however, you can be productive with this one and will find it delightful. Effects will range from a strong relaxing body high to a sedative, sleepy, and heavy feeling. Those who experience heavy indicas as an energetic tonic will find that Granddaddy Purple by HoneyVape can bring you to a happy, motivated and focused place.

Cannabis Oil, Terpenes

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.5g, 1g

CBD Content

1% +/-

THC Content

75% +/-

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HoneyVape is a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company. In 2013 we revolutionized the cannabis industry by becoming the first producer in the world to market short-path cannabis distillate in vape cartridges.