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Gold Flora is a California licensed and fully-compliant premium cannabis brand, led by industry experts with 25+ years of experience in the cannabis and land development industries.

Our Difference

It all starts at Gold Flora Farms, our 28-acre campus in Desert Hot Springs, CA, where we grow our plants in a pristine indoor environment, nurtured by water and air that are filtered for utmost purity.

Meticulously inspected and cared for by hand, each harvest is tagged and tested at its peak of maturity, processed naturally—never any chemicals or additives —and verified by state-accredited independent laboratories.

From flower to the final product, our oil is naturally CO2 extracted and tested in parts per billion at each stage; ensuring the right balance of flavor, taste and potency. But we don’t stop there – our hardware also goes through shake, force and vapor machine testing to ensure superior performance, airflow, and oil consistency.

We then package every Gold Flora product in child-resistant packaging with clearly visible strain and ingredient information — making us one of very few growers in 100% compliance with all California mandatories.

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